Return to FAS-UKThe picture chosen for FAS-UK is that of an ancient walled gate near Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, England. This path leads through a portal to the mythical birthplace of King Arthur. The path represents the journey in the life of an individual with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. The wall represents the obstacles that must be overcome, such as getting a diagnosis or eligibility for services, and the doorway represents the passing through barriers by open communication and sharing of information. There are hidden dangers - the cliffs that cannot be seen in the picture, which lead to rocky crags and wild waters. These are like the often unseen denial and ignorance that interfere with the individual's ability to function in life. There are two figures on the path, who can represent the individual with FAS who needs the protection and guidance of a parent or teacher or mentor on life's journey. This is sometimes a lonely path, for the individual and the family, as they seek help from professionals and support from other families and services from society. Our wish is that you will in some way provide some help or support or services for persons with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and related conditions. Contact Gloria or Peter Armistead if you would like to become part of FAS-UK.
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