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Learn the meaning of our logoFASawareUK is a group of parents and professionals in the United Kingdom devoted to raising awareness about Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Alcohol Related Neurodevelopmental Disorders (ARND), to help reduce the incidence of birth defects caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol and to assist individuals and families struggling with the life-long disabilities associated with FAS/ARND.

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Women in UK are worst binge drinkers in world NEW!
September 2004 Conference Report
FASD short video ad by Jeremy Garner
FASD awareness ad by Jeremy Garner
Awareness Poster
Young Girls Drinking More
Doctors Miss Alcohol Abuse in Babies BBC News Report
Overview of FAS by Raja Mukherjee of St George’s Hospital Medical School
My Name is Britain and I Have a Drink Problem
The Alchemy Project UK Substance Misuse Consultancy Services
Alchemy Project Submission by John Chamberlain
Warning Over Pregnancy Drinking Report from BBC News
UK website on FAS Includes photos and story from National Geographic
FAS-UK Awareness Poster
FAS-UK Awareness Leaflet: MSword (230k) or PDF file (327k)
Women urged to curb lifestyles as birth defects rise
World Health Organization claims "no safe level of alcohol consumption"
Nursing Council on Alcohol Conference in London in May 2002
What are the characteristics of FAS?
FAS Scotland
FAS Germany
International FAS Awareness Day - September 9th
FAS Fact Sheet
FAS Research
FAS Statistics Comparison for UK Birth Defects
Internet Support Groups Around the World
Current News Reports from BBC
Hepper Study: Light drinking affects fetus (Related article below)
Affects of light drinking on baby's ability to learn (pdf file)
The Institute of Alcohol Studies: Alcohol and Women (pdf file)
EuroCare Family Report: Alcohol's Effects on the Family
FAS: Implications for Correctional Service
FAS in adults: long-term observations
50% more women bingeing on alcohol than 10 years ago.
Our First Donation

"The European Region has the highest alcohol consumption in the world. One in four deaths among Europeans aged 15-29 years is related to alcohol." World Health Organization

"Each year, alcohol use plays a role in the deaths of 55,000 adolescents." The European health Report 2002

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FAS-UK coordinators: Gloria & Peter Armistead in Wigan, England.

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